Art For Sale

There’s currently 3 pieces up for sale. I don’t open commissions often, so grab them while you can.

First I have an adoptable up for sale. A kobold tinkerer who dreams of flight.

Bid here:

Next is a YCH. Your character as a cyclist taking a break on a long ride.

Bid here:

And finally a back view YCH. This is the last slot I have for this one. After this the workfile will be delted and it will never be available again.

Bid here:

You can now wear AntiBunny

It’s been a long time since I’ve made AntiBunny merch available, but I think it’s time with a new merchant, teepublic. You can check out the first design available here

This is one of my favorite designs. You can wear it, or it’s also available as a pin, sticker, magnet, or a tote. I’ll be adding more designs in the future, and a proper store link to the main page as well.

Wallpapers are on Ko-Fi too!

You say to me. “But Vinnie, I want to support the comic and get awesome wallpaper, but I don’t want to be tied down with a subscription. I’m a bird man. I’ve got to be free.” And I totally get you. So if you want to just make a one off donation, you can also get the latest wallpaper by supporting me on Ko-fi. Just head over to or click that Ko-Fi button in the corner of the front page on Make any one time donation of however much you want and include an inbox where I can send you the full version of the current month’s wallpaper. You can get just the one you want by donating that month, or send me a message if you’d rather have one from a previous month. It’s up to you. Support the comic in any way you want.