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Half Off These Commissions!

Car Trouble Commission Sale 50% Off

Freaking car won’t start. That’s going to be another mechanic fee to deal with.

Please consider buying a commission. I have several YCH still available, and I’m doing 50% off the following. Just click the images to follow through to the DA page where the prices will be.  If you’re not a Deviantart user you can also contact me directly via email I accept payment through paypal at (or if you want to just throw a tip my way.)


YCH: Magical Girl [OPEN] Any Gender any Species

YCH: Selfie Danger [OPEN] Any Gender Any Species

YCH: Only a Hoodie [OPEN] $11

News Works

Small announcement: Got the news section of the new website working. Or rather it’s the same news section (so you don’t need to change your subscriptions for that), now embedded in an iframe, replacing Smackjeeves’ news section. I didn’t like the idea of the RSS getting clogged up with news posts instead of being comics only.

Unfortunately I can’t really see a good way to put news right on the front page anymore, as the new layout would be too busy, now that we have a comments section for comics. You can catch the news by clicking the news link at the top of the screen, or just by following this wordpress blog. Or as always this blog propagates to the twitter, facebook, and tumblr feeds.