New Material on Patreon

I’ve posted 4 new pieces of concept art up on Patreon concerning the development of Malphas’ final design, as well as thoughts on them. These are open to all Patrons of any level, even if you just pledge 25 cents a month, along with all the other material on the development blog.


The Universe Conspires Against This Week’s Page

Today I said to my self.  “When I get home from work I’ll ink this comic.”  I got home from work and proceeded to slice my finger good on a serrated knife.  Thankfully the cut was shallow, but long and messy so it bleeds like crazy.  Can’t really get a good grip the pen right with this bandage wrapped around it.

Hopefully it’ll be closed up enough to take off the bandage tomorrow, but given the rate at which things are going, I think I’ll just skip this week’s update, and put my efforts into next week.

Nothing scares an artist quite like a hand injury.

Patreon is Live

AntiBunny is now on Patreon.  Check it out at . Even for a few cents a month, you can see some cool extras, and help support the comic.  Of course the comic its self will always be free, but there are lots of rewards and extras for those who pledge a little to support it.  Have an idea for other goals and rewards?  Feel free to let me know.  I’ll be adding a patreon button on the main page soon enough as well.  If this does well enough it could improve the quality of the comic, get the ads taken down, and even get more new comics posted.

If you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a service that lets fans provide ongoing financial support to their favorite content creators.  You decide how much or how little you spend, and you can even set spending limits to avoid spending more than you intend to.  In return for becoming a patron, artists offer a variety of rewards, which are listed on my patreon page.  For instance patrons get access to the patreon development blog, where you can find things like series bible entries, which explain the world of AntiBunny more in depth, concept art not published anywhere else, and even previews of comic pages before they go live.  For those who pledge more support, there are more rewards still, like having your name in the credits, getting free artwork, or getting a credit, or even a cameo within the pages of AntiBunny.

So take a look, and consider maybe dropping a buck (or even a quarter) to help out, and get some cool stuff in return.  Still confused?  Take a look at this one minute video below that nicely sums up what Patreon is.

Considering Patreon

I’m considering getting on Pateron as a creator.  This would help support AntiBunny and my other works, but AntiBunny will always remain a free comic for everyone.  I’m wondering what I could offer to patrons there as a bit of repayment for support.  Sketches similar to Free Art Fridays?  Would there be suitable interest in a Patreon exclusive comic set in the AntiBunny world?