Gritty City Sories #256

The latest page of AntiBuny The Gritty City Stories is up at where Penelope has learned just how to mentally disarm Pooky.


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Gritty City Stories #255

Come to to catch paged 255 of AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories.

As a fun fact, today is the first page of AntiBunny that was made entirely digitally.  Well aside from the sketchbook rough draft.  I found some ups and downs in what it allowed me to do.  I think if I can work on doing digital backgrounds, and maybe speed up the process a bit, this could work out well.

Don’t go thinking I’m going to make the comic all color though.  The choice of going with grays and limited colors is intentional, always was, and always will be.  Full color is reserved only for very important moments.

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Domain Difficulties

Some of you may have trouble getting to the main antibunny site at  We’re having some trouble with our domain registration service, and they aren’t being very helpful, sending only form letter replies.  We’ve been planning to move away from them for some time now, but they aren’t being cooperative with the transfer.  What this means for you is that the main website may be down for a while, while we register with a new service and set back up.  In the meantime please follow one of the social network accounts for AntiBunny on tumblr, twitter, or here on the wordpress blog to get updates.

Emergency Commissions

This is not good.  I’ve been frozen out of my bank account.  Someone has placed a lien on it and I can’t find out what’s going on until Monday.  Possibly mistaken identity. I don’t know what their problem is, or why they’ve suddenly come after me so viciously, but since both of my jobs pay by direct deposit I have entirely lost any ability to get or spend money, pay bills, or do ANYTHING.

Fortunately I still have my paypal, so I can use a paypal debit card for basic survival expenses until I iron this thing out.  However that means I need to put money into said paypal account.  So I’m running an emergency commission sale.  Everything is discounted.

Normal prices are below.

All Portraits are $5 off, and all full body pics are $10 off.

That means $5 flat portraits, $10 shaded portraits, $10 full body flats, and $20 full body shaded.


All payments must be up front, and made via paypal.

On top of that I’ll be streaming Saturday and Sunday nights at if you want to make on the spot commissions and see your pic be born.

If you can’t think of anything you want I’ll honor any commissions paid up front during the sale if you want to decide later.

You can send payment directly to