Gritty City Stories 281: Wrong Side of Heaven

Gritty City Stories 281: Wrong Side of Heaven


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ReCover Project Begins

Book 1 Cover

Thanks to the support of my awesome patrons I’m pleased to bring you the newly designed cover for Book 1 of AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories, The Glimmering City. This is the new starting point of the comic’s archive as well as the starting point of the ReCover project where I’ll be redrawing the chapter covers for each chapter until they’re all caught up to the current standard. Help make the comic even better and become a patron at

A friend in need

This post isn’t comic related, but rather I’m just spreading the word for Pembroke who’s art you’ve probably seen right here recently.  He’s a great artist, and a damned nice guy who’s going through some trouble right now.  Read about it here:

I just want to encourage anyone who can, to help out, donate, and share.