Gritty City Stories 274: Swing

Page 274 of AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories. and


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New Youtube Show

While I’m waiting for new equipment to arrive so I can get back to work on the comic, please enjoy my new Youtube show, Vinnie Rants.  The first episode is all about everyone’s favorite gigantic monsters Godzilla and King Kong, and my analysis of their upcoming rematch in 2020.  Check it out at


Comic delay

Production of the comic will unfortunately have to halt for about a week.  My microsoft Surface, which is what I was using to create the comic, has been broken.  The screen is cracked and the touch screen function no longer works.  Additionally I found my Wacom bamboo tablet, which is what I used before, also is no longer functioning.  As a result I have no means of producing the comic.

I’ve purchased a replacement for the Surface, and it should be here in a week, at which point I’ll clone my system on the old surface onto the new one, and be able to resume comic creation.  It wasn’t by any means cheap either, so please consider becoming a patron at or sending a tip at