AntiBunny Has Moved

Welcome welcome all. The new home of AntiBunny is please update your bookmarks. You’ll also notice (If you haven’t already caught it on our backup site) that page 315 is up.

You’ll also notice that there are several new features added to the website. The most obvious is that Nailbat and The Gritty City Stories have their own separate archives for ease of reading. So now you can read all of Nailbat beginning to end without interruption. You can easily swap between archives with the big image link on the left. Next you’ll notice a new archive navigation bar where you can jump to any chapter, and any page within a chapter without leaving the main page. Furthermore there’s a new bookmarking system that’ll allow you to pick up where you left off in the archive, so if you’ve been putting off an archive binge, it’s now much easier to do.

But wait there’s more. You can also rate the comic (please do, it’ll help bring in more readers) favorite the comic with a Smackjeeves account to follow it. If you have an opinion on a particular page you can also scroll down below and leave a comment on every page individually now. Even start a discussion with other readers. Lastly we have share buttons that let you share any individual page via social media.

Patrons, I’ve already mentioned this one on the Patreon, but one more goodie. You can log in and connect your Patreon account to get early access pages directly on the website without even having to go to Patreon.

All in all the new host is pretty awesome. Couple all that with a spiffy new site design, and I’m pretty happy with AntiBunny’s new home. I do still need to build new fanart and cast pages, but those projects are ongoing as well. It’s sad to leave Comicgen behind, but with their servers breaking down, and no one maintaining them, it’s beyond time to move on. Thanks for 13 years Comicgen. Now it’s onward to the future.


Gritty City Stories 315 and an announcement

First of all, due to Comic Genesis our server having a breakdown of its updating system that may not get fixed at all, I cannot post the new comic on the main site. However the newest page is live on our backup site at

Second I think it’s time to migrate the site before our server shuts down completely, so I’ll be working on finding a new host, and updating the site code to work there. Due to a domain parking issue that was never resolved I also don’t have the ability right now to redirect to the new location. I am hoping to get this fixed, but in the meantime keep an eye on the alternate URL I’ll keep making announcements as that progresses. For now, you can again, keep up with the newest AntiBunny comics on the backup site at I hope you’ll all be patient during the move, and follow the comic to its new home when it finds one.

Upcoming Tier Change

I’ve given it some careful consideration and made a decision for the AntiBunny Patreon . Due to the increase in processing fees, I receive less of the money pledged by patrons, so the following will be coming in June.

The $1 tier with all current patrons at that level will be renamed to “early bun” and be closed to new patrons.  It will remain the same for all current patrons.  Let me stress this.  NOTHING CHANGES IF YOU ARE ALREADY A PATRON. However no new patrons will be able to join this tier unless someone leaves, freeing up a spot.

The new Cottontail tier will be $2. It’s the same as before and will be for new patrons joining in June and onward.

Early Bun and Cottontail will get the same benefits.  Early Bun is just for those patrons who’ve been around for longer, and keeping the low price is my way of thanking them.

Now for something GOOD.  Of course I wouldn’t raise the price without offering something more in return. Both Early Bun and Cottontail, starting in June will be getting yet another new benefit. WALLPAPERS! Those big fancy monthly wallpapers? Since wallpapers began in June, You’ll be getting access to the 1600px desktop and mobile versions of every wallpaper that for the previous year had been exclusive to the $4 tier.  We’re starting out at wallpapers that have been out for one year, but I’m aiming to eventually move it up to 6 months.  Don’t worry $4 patrons, those new 4K wallpapers are going to remain exclusive to you.

The number of slots that will remain in the early bun tier is entirely dependent on how many are there when June begins, so if you’ve been considering becoming a patron, now is the time to do it, and lock in that low price.