Inktober Week 3

Inktober Week 3.

Saitama from One Punch Man


A diver girl



Penelope got a hat


Pac Man and a ghost


Amy Rose


Skull man





What’s Happening With the Comic

There’s a little shakeup happening right now.  I came to the decision that Chapter 8 is getting a bit long, and gave the pacing some thought.  Ultimately I decided to drop the 3 acts idea, since each story really can stand on its own as a chapter, especially Act 1 which was a full 39 pages its self.  As such Act 1 has become the entirety of Chapter 8.  Chapter 8 is now titled “July.”  Welcome to chapter 9 “August.”  That’s right this means that Chapter 9 is already a few pages in.  So what of the “Summer in the City” title?  I’m keeping that and using it as a name for this entire 3 chapter arc of Chapters 8-10, and officially calling it the second arc.  If you’re wondering Arc 1 is now titled “The Glimmering City,” and contains chapters 1-7.

So it’s a minor shakeup for most of you readers.  If you’re coming in for the regular updates it won’t really have an effect on you.  To me, it’s a big deal, as I’m feeling much less bogged down in a single chapter and can create a bigger sense of progression.  I’ve updated the cover pages for the chapters to reflect the changes, and I’ll probably make an Arc 1 cover as well.

As a side note I’ve also hidden a little easter egg in Chapter 8.  Go back and see if you can find some graffiti in the backgrounds of 2 of the pages. Enjoy.

Inktober Week 1

I’m taking the Inktober challenge once again, so strap in for some inky goodness.

Cream The Rabbit, and Penny Rabbintlov costume swap


Rocker Piago


Kurio (a friend’s character)


Curly Brace from Cave Story


Me in a hoodie


Nolan from the webcomic Parisa


And a fire/fighting type Lopunny.


More to come as Inktober roars along.