October 2019 Patreon Wallpaper

Created with GIMP

The theme this month is “Juju’s Haunted House,” voted for by you the fans. Become a patron of any tier at http://patreon.com/antibunny to get the real thing. $4 and up patrons also get 4K wallpapers and exclusive variants.


Patreon shake up

The Patreon has seen some upgrades. Here’s what’s new. Now ALL PATRONS will be getting wallpapers. $4 and up patrons will still get 4K wallpapers and exclusive variants. Patrons now also can claim a discount on all of my YCH commissions. The higher the tier the bigger the discount. If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a Patron, the benefits of patronage have never been better. Hit up http://patreon.com/antibunny to join in.

AntiBunny September 2019 Patreon Wallpaper

Voted on by you the readers. This month’s theme is “playing video games.” An Atari 2600 is probably the most advanced piece of tech that Pooky trusts.  Pooky is probably casually destroying Hannibal.  It was fun to draw the size difference between them. Get the real thing by becoming a patron at patreon.com/antibunny available in 2 variants, and glorious 4K.