August 2018 Patreon Wallpaper

August 2018 Wallpaper now available on the AntiBunny Patreon.



Patreon Shakeup

Changing a few things on the Patreon. Some Tiers have been merged, and now patrons get even more stuff. Check it out here. Maybe become one.…..ngups-20967671
Now all patrons can suggest sketchurday topics. Viewing sketchurday will remain open to all.  Sketches are now open again and are included in the same tier as wallpapers.  A 2 for 1 there.  Sponsoring videos and comics are now rolled into the same tier.  That’s in addition to all the other extras already available.  Check them out on the Patreon.


Some of you may already be aware that I also run a Deviant Art group dedicated to webcomics. If you didn’t, you know now.  Right now we’re running a summer contest themed “Summertime Lovin’.” There are prizes to be had including free art and DA points (which if you’re not familiar with, can be spent on Deviantart or straight up traded for money.)

If you’d like to join in, just head here for the contest details:

Just join Deviantart if you’re not a member already. Join the group Webcomic Lovers. Draw some summer themed webcomic fanart (It doesn’t have to be AntiBunny), and submit it to the “Contest Entries” folder. Deadline is September 15th. Prizes and glory await the victors. Happy drawing.

New Post for Patrons up all about the Wauldt corporation. You can check it out here

and here’s a little sample for the rest of you folks.

With the close of the war many manufacturers returned to peace time construction. Wauldt however was looking ahead. Governments were scrambling to snatch up Nazi scientists before the hangman could take them, and Wauldt wanted in. Fortunately they found one such scientist looking to escape prosecution, and continue his work. A distant cousin of the Wauldt family in America, Archimedes Wauldt…