I’ve been working on a little project wherein the cast of AntiBunny say encouraging things to the viewer.  Here are the first few I’ve come up with.  I hope this can help pick up anyone who’s having a bad day.






I’ve been doing some work on the main page.   You’ll notice I’ve changed the layout a little to something simpler and cleaner.  I’ve added a small page for backer appreciation, where you can see the names, and a little about the good folks who back AntiBunny on Patreon.  I’m trying to come up with improvements for this section, but this is a start.  The art page has updated with 5 new pieces of fanart.  I’ve also updated the art and daily pages to be in line with the front page’s design.  In time I’ll update the other pages similarly.  Lastly you’ll notice a link to the official AntiBunny Facebook page.

In other news check out another cool pic from Pembroke W. Corgi, which you’ll also find in the updated art page.


Lastly, I want to thank everyone who ordered a commission.  I’m still working on the last few.  This proved to be such a success, that I’m planning on running another sale soon.

Car Replacement Mega Sale

As of yesterday my car has had it.  A slipped or broken timing chain has likely seized up the engine for good.  While it looks like replacing it is doable in the near future it’s going to be a major drain on the finances.  So to supplement my income I’m running my biggest commission sale yet through this weekend.

Character sketches: $1



Flat Color: $10



I’m keeping the price list and offerings simple, and these are a fraction of what I normally charge.  Reply to this post or contact me via email at fragraham at gmail dot com to request your commission.  I take payment via paypal at the same address as my email.  Now is the time to get art cheap and help out.