Double Up

Since Christmas week kept me too busy and/or tired to finish the Nailbat epilogue, you’re getting 2 pages this week, both finishing the epilogue of Nailbat.  Today you should already be seeing page 119, and the final page 120 will be up Thursday.  Next week get ready for some oldschool AntiBunny (isn’t it weird to have been doing it so long I can say that?) because the original cast returns in Gritty City Stories, Chapter 8:  Summer in the City.


Crafting a Better Patreon

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I’m considering making some changes to the rewards for patrons in order to better give back to those who support the site. The $1 and below rewards will remain the same, but I think I can do better for the $5 level, and I think there’s room for an intermediate level between $1 and $5, perhaps $2.50. Higher levels are open to reorganization, and perhaps better rewards. I’m considering some method of offering higher level patrons an input into the comic its self (beyond just cameos), perhaps offering cameos at lower levels, and creating comics by request for higher patrons (much the way many youtube patreons create videos by request for some of the higher paying patrons).

I want your input, patrons.  Let me know what you’d like to have in return for your support. Even if you don’t plan to go in for higher levels, let me know if you think something would be appropriate for those who would. Non patron public at large, I want to hear from you as well. What would you be interested in getting in return for becoming a patron, or what do you think someone else would want if you’re not able to do any spending yourself (and that’s totally understandable).


Support a Fellow Artist

R.H. Junior, creator of various webcomics including Tales of the Questor, and Quintin Quin Space Ranger among a vast array of others has launched a kickstarter project, with a modest goal of $2,000.  The project is the creation of a print (and also available online) crossover between his two main webcomics (mentioned above) with a massive cast of guest stars.

Due to his recent medical issues, not only will this fund a fun project, but also help out a fellow artist.  All backers are getting their names in the credits, and backers of $10 or more will cameo in said crossover.  Got a character of your own you want to appear?  Want to appear in it yourself?  You can pledge even more to have a more significant role.  It looks like its getting pretty close to hitting its goal, so this is likely going to be a thing.  You can expect to see an AntiBunny cameo in it of course.