Have some more art

Haven’t drawn Knell in a while.  Have a nice pic of her drawn on the shiny new microsoft Surface.knellturn


Microsoft Surface

I recently got a microsoft surface. It’s a laptop/tablet hybrid with a full pressure sensitive digitizer pen interface similar to what I’ve been using my wacom to do, only instead of a pad, I can draw directly on the screen. It’s a pretty amazing piece of hardware. Here’s a few pics I did recently to get used to working with it.


Designing a Character

This guy’s been a pain in my ass for a while now, but I think I’ve finally arrived at a design I’m happy with.  But first let’s look at the line of progression that lead up to it.

Version 1 (actually version 2, but the previous version 1 became a different character). A bit too caveman.

Version 2: Cleaned up the face a bit to make him more civilized, and made his spear a crystal. Still not quite right though.

Final: Got all that extra detail off his face in place of a simple distinct scar on his nose.  Made him paler, and his fur pattern has a little more personality.  He looks like a young and brash character, while the cape and purple colors give him a leader like quality. though covered by the hair, he still has the sloping caveman forehead, but his mullet is now tied up helping him to look primal yet civilized.  Character design needs to be able to say a lot without being too busy.  That’s my philosophy of build a character then start refining it down.

Expect this guy to show up in chapter 11: Cave Tail