Gritty City Stories #1 Remake

In celebration of 11 years of Antibunny I decided to remake the very first page.  Check it out in the archive at



Gritty City Stories 269: Mr. Bojangles

Gritty City Stories 269: Mr. Bojangles support the comic at


AntiBunny Update

AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories #266 Loud Silence is now up for your viewing pleasure at (Or if you’re having trouble with the regular URL it’s also reachable at ) in which things are turning bad for Penelope.


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What’s Happening With the Comic

There’s a little shakeup happening right now.  I came to the decision that Chapter 8 is getting a bit long, and gave the pacing some thought.  Ultimately I decided to drop the 3 acts idea, since each story really can stand on its own as a chapter, especially Act 1 which was a full 39 pages its self.  As such Act 1 has become the entirety of Chapter 8.  Chapter 8 is now titled “July.”  Welcome to chapter 9 “August.”  That’s right this means that Chapter 9 is already a few pages in.  So what of the “Summer in the City” title?  I’m keeping that and using it as a name for this entire 3 chapter arc of Chapters 8-10, and officially calling it the second arc.  If you’re wondering Arc 1 is now titled “The Glimmering City,” and contains chapters 1-7.

So it’s a minor shakeup for most of you readers.  If you’re coming in for the regular updates it won’t really have an effect on you.  To me, it’s a big deal, as I’m feeling much less bogged down in a single chapter and can create a bigger sense of progression.  I’ve updated the cover pages for the chapters to reflect the changes, and I’ll probably make an Arc 1 cover as well.

As a side note I’ve also hidden a little easter egg in Chapter 8.  Go back and see if you can find some graffiti in the backgrounds of 2 of the pages. Enjoy.