Pemmy Art

Got this awesome pic of Penelope from Pembroke W. Corgi.


Check out his DA page at and keep a look out for the new comic project he’s working on.  I’ll update the art page here on AntiBunny with this pic later.


Some Cave Story Art

Have some Cave Story sketches.  Don’t know what Cave Story is?  Cave Story is an awesome indie game.  In fact some would call it the godfather of indie gaming, to which the current bountiful indie game scene owes its existence.  The product of one man’s work over a period of 5 years, released on damn near everything, and the original is still free at or you can get enhanced versions on Steam, 3DS, Wii, and WiiU among other things.  It’s a game about robots, bunnies, mad science, and magic.  Now on with the arts.

cavestoryking pookynsue


Assorted art of Euclid and Juju that I’ve received over the years from various artists.  Key thing here is that there seems to be no question amongst other artists as to what Euclid should look like, but interpretations of Juju got more creative.  i had a tough time redesigning her later on to fit with the current visual aesthetic.


A random sampling of some of the artwork people have sent me over the years.  I absolutely LOVE fanart.  It’s my favorite thing to get (though comments are a close second).  The reason I love it so much is that it’s a powerful visual feedback.  Seeing someone take my designs into their style lets me know how people see my artwork, and proves very influential in future advances in my artwork.  It’s sort of like being able to step outside yourself, and see your actions from another perspective.  All of these artists are amazing.  In fact everyone who’s sent me art is amazing.  You’re amazing too if you’re reading this and give a damn about it.