A little piece of fanart for http://latchkeykingdom.smackjeeves.com

Latchkey Kingdom Water War

A little bit of art based on my favorite game Cave Story.  When you play on or near Christmas the graphics change putting Christmas decorations all over and dressing the characters in festive outfits.  Here’s one of the game’s major characters Sue Sakamoto as she appears in Christmas mode.  And a merry Christmas to all my readers.


New Fanart

Got some very cool, slightly NSFW, art of Piago from https://www.deviantart.com/lost-in-ashes on Deviantart. Once again, this will get a more permanent home in the fanart section here on the main AntiBunny site when next I update it.


Some Cave Story Art

Have some Cave Story sketches.  Don’t know what Cave Story is?  Cave Story is an awesome indie game.  In fact some would call it the godfather of indie gaming, to which the current bountiful indie game scene owes its existence.  The product of one man’s work over a period of 5 years, released on damn near everything, and the original is still free at http://cavestory.org or you can get enhanced versions on Steam, 3DS, Wii, and WiiU among other things.  It’s a game about robots, bunnies, mad science, and magic.  Now on with the arts.

cavestoryking pookynsue