Black Friday Week: Half Off YCH Sale

Yup I’m doing a sale too.  Half off all active YCH commissions.  Get them while you can. The following YCHs are up for grabs at half off.
Windy Day: Was: $3. Sale Price: $1.50
Yandere: Was: $5. Sale Price: $2.50

School Uniform:  Was $4. Sale Price: $2

All payments can be made by paypal to
contact me via email at to order.

Emergency Commissions

This is not good.  I’ve been frozen out of my bank account.  Someone has placed a lien on it and I can’t find out what’s going on until Monday.  Possibly mistaken identity. I don’t know what their problem is, or why they’ve suddenly come after me so viciously, but since both of my jobs pay by direct deposit I have entirely lost any ability to get or spend money, pay bills, or do ANYTHING.

Fortunately I still have my paypal, so I can use a paypal debit card for basic survival expenses until I iron this thing out.  However that means I need to put money into said paypal account.  So I’m running an emergency commission sale.  Everything is discounted.

Normal prices are below.

All Portraits are $5 off, and all full body pics are $10 off.

That means $5 flat portraits, $10 shaded portraits, $10 full body flats, and $20 full body shaded.


All payments must be up front, and made via paypal.

On top of that I’ll be streaming Saturday and Sunday nights at if you want to make on the spot commissions and see your pic be born.

If you can’t think of anything you want I’ll honor any commissions paid up front during the sale if you want to decide later.

You can send payment directly to

Car Replacement Mega Sale

As of yesterday my car has had it.  A slipped or broken timing chain has likely seized up the engine for good.  While it looks like replacing it is doable in the near future it’s going to be a major drain on the finances.  So to supplement my income I’m running my biggest commission sale yet through this weekend.

Character sketches: $1



Flat Color: $10



I’m keeping the price list and offerings simple, and these are a fraction of what I normally charge.  Reply to this post or contact me via email at fragraham at gmail dot com to request your commission.  I take payment via paypal at the same address as my email.  Now is the time to get art cheap and help out.

Emergency Commission Sale

A miscalculation on my part as put me in need of some fast money.  A benefit to you dear friends.  I’m running an emergency sale on commissions now through Thursday only.

$1 sketches

$5 inked lineart

$10 color

Yeah, you heard me.  Get them while they last.

Payments taken through paypal at fragraham at gmail dot com.