Gritty City Stories 315 and an announcement

First of all, due to Comic Genesis our server having a breakdown of its updating system that may not get fixed at all, I cannot post the new comic on the main site. However the newest page is live on our backup site at

Second I think it’s time to migrate the site before our server shuts down completely, so I’ll be working on finding a new host, and updating the site code to work there. Due to a domain parking issue that was never resolved I also don’t have the ability right now to redirect to the new location. I am hoping to get this fixed, but in the meantime keep an eye on the alternate URL I’ll keep making announcements as that progresses. For now, you can again, keep up with the newest AntiBunny comics on the backup site at I hope you’ll all be patient during the move, and follow the comic to its new home when it finds one.


Today Stan Lee is gone , but never forget the legacy he’s left behind.

Spiderman taught me that even heroes have ordinary problems.  Hawkeye showed me that even regular people can accomplish great things by working at it hard enough.  The X-Men perhaps more than anything taught me that it was OK to be different in a time I really needed to know that.

The characters he created, and the stories he weaved have touched the hearts of millions, if not billions, and will continue to the end of time.  He forged from ink and paper, a modern pantheon to rival the likes of Hercules, and King Arthur.  He helped the souls of many people to soar with flights of imagination, while reminding us all that we can be better people.  I’ll never forget you Stan.  Excelsior!

Random factoid about the world of AntiBunny. The diner in Chapter 10 has made background appearances before, but now has a sign that officially names it “Diner 2049er,” a reference to the classic video game. Its design is very loosely based on the painting “Nighthawks.”

As seen here


New Fanart

Got some very cool, slightly NSFW, art of Piago from on Deviantart. Once again, this will get a more permanent home in the fanart section here on the main AntiBunny site when next I update it.


Webcomic Recommendation: Latchkey Kingdom

I said when I took down the links section of the main AntiBunny site I’d replace it by recommending webcomics here in the news blog on a regular basis. I think it’s high time I made good on that.  So here we go.

Today I’m recommending Latchkey Kingdom.


Are you a fan of the Zelda series, or just fantasy in general? Would like like some lighthearted parody? Do you enjoy a comic that can be silly while still developing and fully realizing its characters and world?  Then give Latchkey Kingdom by Nick Daniel a try.  I enjoy this comic so much I personally back it on Patreon.  Look for Pooky in the backgrounds.