AntiBunny Update

AntiBunny: The Gritty City Stories #266 Loud Silence is now up for your viewing pleasure at (Or if you’re having trouble with the regular URL it’s also reachable at ) in which things are turning bad for Penelope.


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If you hadn’t figured it out already, in this chapter, Pooky drops the other shoe (although Pooky doesn’t wear shoes), and becomes a full blown film noir narrator.


Thus concludes Chapter 2:  Wicked Sister, with a lead in to both chapters 3 and 4, to be resolved later.

I think #36 should have been 2 pages.  It would have given me the chance to have an establishing shot to better explain that Penelope went to a coffee shop where Hannibal works.  I think someone can gather that, but it might be confusing the first time.