Gritty City Stories #257

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Gritty City Sories #256

The latest page of AntiBuny The Gritty City Stories is up at where Penelope has learned just how to mentally disarm Pooky.


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Gritty City Stories #255

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As a fun fact, today is the first page of AntiBunny that was made entirely digitally.  Well aside from the sketchbook rough draft.  I found some ups and downs in what it allowed me to do.  I think if I can work on doing digital backgrounds, and maybe speed up the process a bit, this could work out well.

Don’t go thinking I’m going to make the comic all color though.  The choice of going with grays and limited colors is intentional, always was, and always will be.  Full color is reserved only for very important moments.

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If you hadn’t figured it out already, in this chapter, Pooky drops the other shoe (although Pooky doesn’t wear shoes), and becomes a full blown film noir narrator.


Thus concludes Chapter 2:  Wicked Sister, with a lead in to both chapters 3 and 4, to be resolved later.

I think #36 should have been 2 pages.  It would have given me the chance to have an establishing shot to better explain that Penelope went to a coffee shop where Hannibal works.  I think someone can gather that, but it might be confusing the first time.


Yeah, Juju is prone to rapid mood changes.


Cue Queen.  Ok, looking back, I left out a detail that Juju couldn’t use magic in doll form, and that’s why she couldn’t change herself back.  You need a living body as a channel for magic in this universe.  That is explained in a later chapter.  I was kind of forgetful early on.