Wallpapers are on Ko-Fi too!

You say to me. “But Vinnie, I want to support the comic and get awesome wallpaper, but I don’t want to be tied down with a subscription. I’m a bird man. I’ve got to be free.” And I totally get you. So if you want to just make a one off donation, you can also get the latest wallpaper by supporting me on Ko-fi. Just head over to http://ko-fi.com/antibunny or click that Ko-Fi button in the corner of the front page on antibunny.net. Make any one time donation of however much you want and include an inbox where I can send you the full version of the current month’s wallpaper. You can get just the one you want by donating that month, or send me a message if you’d rather have one from a previous month. It’s up to you. Support the comic in any way you want.


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