Patreon Shake Up

I’m making a big change here on the patreon, because the same old same old clearly isn’t working.  So first of all, this is something good for all patrons.  First of all, now all patrons get all wallpapers.  Enjoy that.  The Hopper tier is gone except for existing patrons, and has been merged with the Thumper tier, offering speaking roles to your cameo character.  Also gone are all the high price tiers.  If you want to contribute a higher amount, Patreon gives you the ability to pledge a custom amount.

Now the big deal. Advanced Rewards.  These are are based on lifetime contribution.  Since Patreon tracks your lifetime contributions, and this stat is visible to both patron and creator this is possible. Right now there’s 2 options. A custom comic or a let’s draw video.  You can write a comic that I’ll draw.  It can even be an AntiBunny comic as long as it agrees with established lore. If you choose a video then you choose the subject I draw, and I not only draw it, I also record the drawing, edit the video, and put it up online.  You can claim your first advanced reward after your first $50 contribution, and every $100 after that.  The higher your monthly pledge, the faster you’ll be able to claim these advanced rewards.  I hope to have more options in the future.


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