When’s the next Comic?

fully intend to continue the comic. However at the moment I just don’t have my head in a position to write a cohesive story.  I do have some creative energy, but I’m basically just creating whatever my mood allows.  I do intend to continue the comic soon once I’m in a healthy enough headspace for it. Until then I’m probably going to be meandering about artistically for a little bit while I get my head back together. At least I feel like drawing again, but it might take me a while to get to where I can focus on working on the comic. In the meantime you can follow my twitter to see what I’m up to at https://twitter.com/AntiBunny or continue to watch the news section here on the main AntiBunny website.  I’m also still updating the Patreon with WiPs and HD art as I create things. Thanks for being patient while I deal with this.


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