State of the Patreon

Most of you already know that I maintain a Patreon page at
As of last month, I lost 2 patrons, one of which was one of my biggest contributors.  I begrudge neither of them.  Both made the decision to leave Patreon entirely, and I appreciate all the support they’ve given me up until now.  They owe me nothing, and I’ll just say thanks for the months of support I received.Now that said, the Patreon has been knocked back by 2 goals.  Rather than focus on the negative, I’m still glad for the Patrons who continue to support the comic, and I want to look at this as a new chance to take steps forward.  As such I’ve updated the goals.  A few of them are a bit more realistic, or simply ordered differently. Rather than backtrack on old goals, though I’ve opted to replace them with new goals, that are easily reachable. I’m really looking forward to doing these, including what I’m calling the REcover project, and in depth drawing tutorial videos.

If you’re considering becoming a patron, now is a good time to become one.  If you’re already a patron, please consider sharing this page, and recommending it to others.


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