ATB Hopper

Sadly my pet rabbit, Hopper died today.  It was quiet sudden.  He was playing normally and just collapsed.  He was gone before I could even drive to the vet.  He will be sorely missed.

He loved to go for walks outside, and played with the cat (much to the cat’s displeasure).  He was affectionate and loved people.  He took time to warm up to someone new, but once he was used to them, he’d outright demand attention.  He was very talkative, always making squeaking and grunting noises.  Always full of energy, he’d run laps around the house, and even binkied today, his very last day.  His favorite food was clovers, and his birthday was last month.  His heart was filled with bunny joy.  He goes to wait at the bridge.

You will be missed little guy.


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