I want to apologize to the readers of AntiBunny.  I didn’t manage to get an update up last week, and currently I am not working on that page or the next.  Although the pages are planned and I have a storyboard sketched, I haven’t been able to seriously work on them.

The reasons for this are personal.  I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress lately due to a number of things breaking and/or going wrong at the same time including car and computer breakdowns.  The stress and anxiety has built up to the point that I find myself unable to concentrate on any major tasks, and the comic is not the only thing suffering.

I realize patrons are paying good money to keep updates coming on time, and when this storm has passed I will make up any missed updates.  I take solace in the fact that things like this are temporary.  I’m only asking readers to be patient while I sort things out and try to take care of my sources of stress until I get to a point where I can regain my focus.

This is not a hiatus, I am still trying to work a little bit at a time on the comic, and still sketching storyboards behind the scenes, and when I find myself able to I will update, and hopefully I can start knocking down these problems one by one in short order.


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