Patreon Enhanced

After taking some time to look at some other patreons and what works for them, and considering what I can offer I’ve improved the patreon rewards. From what I gather patrons want to have an impact on the works they sponsor, so I’ve tailored rewards to that.

The $0.25 and $1 level rewards remain the same. I’ve added new levels and new rewards beyond that. Here’s what’s new.

New $2.50 level. The garaunteed free sketch has been moved to this level. Along with that, you’ll get a plug for your own pages and projects anywhere the sketch is posted (which is most everywhere I post).

The big changes start at the $5 level. Here you’ll see the background cameo appearance of yourself or your character, a free concept sketch of said character, and the character will be recurring whenever background characters are needed. You’ll once again get a plug whenever that character appears.

Also added is the $7.50 level

At this level your cameo character will not just show up in the background but get speaking roles, a name, and a place on the cast page as an official member of the cast.

Things get really groovy at the $10 level.

After 3 months at this level you can have me draw a comic page of your own design. You write it, I draw it. It can be a canon page of AntiBunny (so long as it fits in continuity), or something totally original. You’ll get credit as the writer of course.

Lastly at the lofty $15 level you can get the previously mentioned page in color.

I hope these rewards sound juicy enough for you readers. Of course AntiBunny its self always has been, and always will be free to read, but for those who want to support the comic, this is my way of giving a little something back to those most dedicated of fans.

I’m also looking into improving the funding goals. I think I should set something at $10 a month total. What do you think would be a realistic goal to set?


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