Support a Fellow Artist

R.H. Junior, creator of various webcomics including Tales of the Questor, and Quintin Quin Space Ranger among a vast array of others has launched a kickstarter project, with a modest goal of $2,000.  The project is the creation of a print (and also available online) crossover between his two main webcomics (mentioned above) with a massive cast of guest stars.

Due to his recent medical issues, not only will this fund a fun project, but also help out a fellow artist.  All backers are getting their names in the credits, and backers of $10 or more will cameo in said crossover.  Got a character of your own you want to appear?  Want to appear in it yourself?  You can pledge even more to have a more significant role.  It looks like its getting pretty close to hitting its goal, so this is likely going to be a thing.  You can expect to see an AntiBunny cameo in it of course.


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