I will stop reblogging this when it stops being funny. 

It’s not just the movies either.  I think the best explanation is that Marvel is truly embracing everything that makes comics awesome while simultaneously bringing in new ideas, and expanding their audience.  The fact that they’re returning to exploring the cosmic characters that were so prevalent in the 80’s and early 90’s, really shows that.  They can tell a gritty lone man’s struggle against crime, or they can just as easily tell a galaxy hopping space adventure with cosmic beings and interstellar empires.  DC meanwhile seems to still think catching up is defined as getting stuck in the late 90’s, and they need to compete with that there new fangled Spawn.

The silver age was a great time for DC.  Sure it was goofy, but it was fun.  In the 80’s they showed they could combine the fun of the silver age with a more serious tone.  DC may be returning its focus to silver age characters, but they’ve lost that spirit.  Though meanwhile anything they give to Bruce Timm to put into animated form seems to turn to gold.  Maybe they should bring him on board. 

So while Marvel is knocking it out of the park movies and comics, DC has found a niche in TV adaptations (both animated and live action).  Maybe DC execs need to stop trying to compete through imitation, and evaluate what’s working so well with those TV adaptations.


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