8 Random AntiBunny Facts

1.  AntiBunny got its start as a handful of scribbles made back in 2005, made on a notebook after a strange dream.  The early concept started off more goth inspired, but very quickly Film Noir became the dominant visual theme.

2.  Early on I knew the story was going to get increasingly out there and scifi oriented, this is why while things were still light and silly I went ahead and started establishing things that didn’t seem that significant at the time, so that I’d have the room to grow those elements without just jumping the shark.  Chapter 1 had elements of Pooky’s psychic abilities already introduced, Pooky’s past, and chapter 2 brought in things like secret agents and magic.  My strategy was to bring it in as a joke first, and build on it later.

3.  Piago wasn’t intended to be such a strong member of the core cast when she was introduced along with Penelope’s other sisters, but as my characters tend to gain a life of their own, she barged her way into the main cast and into my heart.  And on the subject of Piago, she’s named after the Italian compan Piaggio the makers of the Vespa.

4.Nailbat wasn’t originally planned to be a trilogy, but halfway through the first story I realized that there was far too much to explore to wrap it all up in the original planned 50 pages, so I started setting up to make it a planned trilogy instead. 

5.  Hannibal’s collar is actually stuck around his neck.  He can’t get it off. 

6.  Furi identifies as male.  Knell doesn’t know this.  It never came up in the story, but this is born from a subconscious belief by Furi that females are weak.

7.  Line I never got to work in back in chapter 5 of Gritty City stories, but wanted to, “Actually they didn’t start with rabbits.  They tried rats first, but the damn things kept escaping,” as a nod to The Secret of NIMH.

8.  Initially I didn’t consider AntiBunny to be a “furry” comic, but rather a “mutant” comic as I more likened it to things like TMNT and The Secret of NIMH since there was only one species of humanized animals, with a clearly given origin, but the furry community embraced the comic, and I think they’re a bunch of OK folks, so while I don’t like to think of it as “just a furry comic,” and tie it into one little niche, I more than welcome anyone who wants to consider it that.


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